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  • avatarDaoloth   Sat, 03 Dec 2011 12:14Whats up Atrabile? Its been a long time since you posted. You havent given up have you?
  • avatarJoel Marami   Mon, 21 Apr 2014 14:50Dear Owner,
    My name is Joel Marami and I am the Vice President of Sales & Support. I would like to briefly introduce my company and let you know how our services can benefit you. We are one of the large scale professional DIGITAL & Internet Marketing Agency based in South Carolina, USA with over 350 full time employees and additional support office and backend operations in India.
    We were reviewing your website and have identified a few key concerns below:
    • Your website ORGANIC Traffic overall seems 34%.
    • Your Website doesn’t have proper keyword selection as your targeted market & pages.
    • Your website having LESS number of IN BOUNDING LINKS in all major search engines- GOOGLE, YAHOO & BING.
    • Your website not properly optimizes over geographical area, local Market, GOOGLE maps.
    • Your website not submitted over 30 Search engines.
    • Your social profile is not well maintained with regular basis in the major 10 Social Media websites.

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