• It's true, women enter puberty before men. But they never exit.
  • # 14-06-2010
  • Tags: womensex
  • The father of homeopathy is dead. Cheer up, there's one born every minute.
  • # 17-04-2010
  • Tags: deathnews
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  • Today is the birthday of the Pope, born on the same day of Charlie Chaplin. You'd say he's younger.
  • # 16-04-2010
  • Tags: Pope
  • Nun hit by a bus, dies. Controversies on the new atheist campaign.
  • # 13-04-2010
  • Tags: news
  • Links: News in italian
  • Pedophilia, the Pope will meet the victims. And later, also the abused children.
  • # 09-04-2010
  • Tags: sexPopenews
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  • Syllogism: God is love. Love is blind. God is blind. (I believe Him when He says not to masturbate)
  • # 23-03-2010
  • Tags: godsexreligion
  • We are all the sons of God. Very reassuring. He sent his favourite to die.
  • # 18-03-2010
  • Tags: godreligion

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