• Dear, I never use words without knowing their meaning. So please, don't ask me if I love you.
  • # 31-12-2009
  • Tags: love
  • Faith is a gift from God. Seems He's still undecided on the wrappings though.
  • # 30-12-2009
  • Tags: religiongod
  • Adso Tiks, the genius serial killer who kills his namesakes, today commited suicide to put the police on a wrong track.
  • # 30-12-2009
  • Tags: newssuicide
  • I have a great idea for a business that will never face a crisis: dumping grounds for thrown away lives.
  • # 30-12-2009
  • Tags: economyenvironment
  • The missionary position is usually performed with the child underneath.
  • # 29-12-2009
  • Tags: religionsexchildren
  • Dreadful accident on the highway. A truck carrying cats catched fire emitting the entire Janis Joplin's discography.
  • # 28-12-2009
  • Tags: news
  • Women are monstrous creatures, they have three pairs of lips. That's why they never shut up.
  • # 28-12-2009
  • Tags: womenanatomy
  • I've never understood if they want me to leave the toilet seat up or down. In doubt, I pee in the shower.
  • # 28-12-2009
  • Tags: urology
  • This year the Pope wished a merry Christmas in 64 different languages, including his native dialect. Klingon.
  • # 28-12-2009
  • Tags: psychiatryreligionPope
  • I'm not wise, I'm otherwise.
  • # 28-12-2009
  • Tags: pun

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